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Austrailian Scientists Unveil ‘Bionic Eye’ Prototype

This week, Australian scientists unveiled the prototype of a bionic eye that could potentially help restore sight to those with failing vision. The project, which is being funded by the Australian government, hopes to have the first full human implant ready by the year 2013.

The bionic eye is designed to help those suffering from degenerative vision loss caused by retinis pigmentosa or age-related macular degneration.

The technology, which will require partial surgical implant, works by using a camera mounted on a patient’s glasses, which will capture images then translated into electrical impulses that will stimulate electrodes implanted into the retina. Over time, the users will learn to interpret these signals as vision.

Aging adults experiencing vision loss should take particular interest in this potential solution to their ailments. Whether or not the technology will be an affordable option and easy to use has yet to be determined.

The world is without a doubt looking forward to the further development of this breakthrough.

Bionic Vision to be a Reality (Southern Courier)

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