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Apple Watch OS 2 Launch Delayed

Apple Watch OS 2 launch delayed

Apple was to have launched Watch OS 2 today, and many had been excitedly awaiting the promised new features. Apple today announced that though the official iOS 9 release was available, the launch of Watch OS 2 and all the promised features was delayed due to bugs.

A year ago, the company launched iOS 8, which at first was plagued by a host of problems and took two updates in as many weeks to fix. Apple certainly doesn’t want to repeat that this year.

Watch OS 2 promises to let some apps run directly on the watch instead of relying on constant communication with the iPhone. The heart rate monitor, microphone and a few other features will operate inside the watch. Other features of OS 2 include a patient monitoring app, Facebook Messenger, Kayak’s travel booking app, iTranslate language translation, Strava, and a GoPro app that allows the watch to act as a remote control and viewfinder for GoPro Hero 3+ and 4 cameras.

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