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Apple to Open Store at Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

Apple will supposedly be opening its biggest store ever at New York City’s Grand Central Station. According to Apple-centric blogs, this store is supposed to be even bigger and better than its neighboring glass counterpart in Manhattan that has already become a tourist landmark. It’s also supposed to trump the 25,000-square-foot outpost
on London’s Regent Street.

So far Apple isn’t releasing the store’s grand opening day, which is nothing unusual. Apple is a notoriously tight-lipped company. Many thought it would debut in time for Black Friday, but that clearly didn’t happen. New reports say the store will open “sometime this week.”

Due to the high degree of traffic that shuffles through Grand Central Station, many believe this will be Apple’s busiest store to date. This is saying a lot, considering there are already four very successful stores in Manhattan alone.

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