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Apple Recalls 1st Generation iPod Nanos

The first-generation iPod nanos were released in Sept. 2005 and were sold through Dec. 2006, which is like 50 years ago in the world of technology. These mini MP3 players really were ancient by today’s standards: they couldn’t play videos, they didn’t feature touchscreens and their displays were miniscule.

Well, if you’ve held onto one of these dinosaurs, you’re in luck. Apple recently recalled these first-generation nanos due to a battery flaw that may cause the unit to overheat. The company noted that although the risk of this occurring is rare, the chances do increase with the battery’s age.

Those who believe they own an affected unit can enter their iPod nano serial number here to see if they’re eligible for a replacement. The only problem is Apple doesn’t specify what kind of replacement it will provide, since there have been a few iPod iterations since the first one debuted.

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