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Apple Launching App Store for Macs in Early Jan.

Apple’s mobile app store has been wildly successful, making hundreds of thousands of useful apps available to seniors and anyone else who uses an iPod, iPhone or iPad. Well, starting in early 2011, Mac users will be added to that list, as Apple unveil its new Mac Store.

The store officially opens on Jan. 6, with apps available in 90 countries. Similar to the current App Store, the Mac store will supply both free and fee-based apps. Current app categories include games, lifestyle, education, and graphics and design.

The most useful features of this store – early on, at least – will be its rating and recommendations, which allow users to leave feedback for others on apps they’ve purchased.

Apple also announced that it’s launching a line of apps for PCs. We think Apple’s push to make apps laptop and desktop friendly may mean that the company also has a touchscreen laptop in the works, as so many of the current App Store offerings rely heavily on this feature.

Apple has made substantial use of touchscreen technology on its MP3 players, smartphones and tablet. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this technology make an impact on desktops and laptops now that apps are in the works.

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