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Apple, eBook Publishers Accused of Bullying Amazon

A law firm in Seattle has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple and a number of book publishers accusing them of colluding (conspiring) to force Amazon to stop offer its ebook discounts. The suit says that Apple worked with big name publishers like Simon & Schuster, Penguin and HarperCollins to illegally fix its prices, therefore preventing Amazon from offering price cuts that were lower than Apple’s iBooks.

Here’s where the “bullying” comes in. The suit alleges that the companies strong armed Amazon so fiercely that publishers refused to allow Amazon to sell their books if they didn’t ditch the discounts.

Amazon and Apple have also been battling over Apple’s new billing platform. The platform required Amazon to either offer its books through the App Store – where Apple could take a 30 percent revenue cut – or to remove its in-app Kindle store link. Amazon removed the link…


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