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Anticipating the New iPod

While most of the recent chatter surrounding new Apple products generally revolves around the iPad or the new iPhone, the company is expected to announce a new batch of iPods this week.

From what we can gather, consider this a huge step up from previous iPod models: the newest generation of iPod is supposed to come equipped with a front facing camera and probably WiFi capabilities in addition to the MP3 and video-player functions. Apple is also expected to unveil a new iPod Nano, which is supposed to come with touch-screen shuffle capabilities.

Both options seems like a great buy for seniors who want to join the community of easy-to-use, lightweight Apple-based multimedia devices but don’t want to shell the monthly costs of an iPad or an iPhone. Remember, with the iPod and the iPod Nano, you just pay once and no more. If the new iPod ends up coming with a front-facing camera (as expected), you will even be able to engage in FaceTime activities. Though we should note that the Nano might not be the best option for seniors with poor eyesight, as the screen will probably only run a few centimeters diagonally. It will be difficult for those with less-than ideal eyesight to decipher the content on screen.

Apple is expected to announce details this Wednesday. We will keep you updated on the appropriate developments.

Apple To Reignite The iPod Fire With Hot New Models This Week? Yep. – (TechCrunch)

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