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Antennas Make a Comeback

A story featured on Daily Finance asserts that antennas – or rabbit ears – are making a comeback among boob tube aficionados. While a select few might appreciate these eyesores for their vintage value, the news website says most people are simply trying to obtain free programming in the face of a down economy.

Apparently these antennas can pick up the signals for HDTV channels and, in some cases, even enhance a TV’s picture quality. And they only cost about $10, as opposed to the high price of cable or satellite subscriptions!

Daily Finance notes the recession has caused many Americans to “unplug” from programming providers in favor of free or lower cost options. It even cites the National Association of Broadcasters, which claims that four million more people opted for over-the-air programming in 2010 than they did in 2009.

Theoretically, with the advent of online TV, instant video streaming and HDTVs, you’d think we’d be moving further away from the antenna days of generations’ past. That pesky economy has hit millions of Americans hard, however, and many are willing to take what they can get if it keeps money in their pockets.


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