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Android Apps for Seniors: Edwin

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Edwin happens to be one of the neatest speech-to-speech apps available for Android phones. Here is the gist: you ask the phone a question, it will answer you right back.

Check out the video below:

This is a great app for seniors who have Android phones, as they can get quicker faster answers to questions like, “what is the outside temperature?” or “where is the closest supermarket.” The truth is, seniors might have a difficult time effectively controlling touch-screen keyboards, especially in a situation where one need an answer quickly. However, the Edwin speech-to-speech app alleviates that dilemma.

Unlike the Google speech-to-search tool which provides you with answers via text, the Edwin model gives you back its answers in speech format. This is a particularly nice feature to use while driving, as you can visually focus on the road instead of reading the content on screen.

Edwin’s voice is somewhat robotic and isn’t necessarily pleasant to listen to, but it is clear and responsive. In other words, it does the trick.

Edwin is free to download from

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