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Analog Watches with Senior Friendly Features

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Senior Friendly Features


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What to Look For in an Analog Watch:

Analog watches are a fashionable, practical way to tell time. The only problem is that these seemingly uncomplicated devices actually contain a bevy of unfriendly features for seniors. If you simply go out and choose a watch based on its look or price, you’ll soon find out that there’s more to these classic timepieces than meets the untrained eye. That’s why it’s important to weigh any ailments, such as poor eyesight or limited dexterity, before you make your next purchase. In the interest of continuity, all of the exemplary watches listed below are designed for men. ElderGadget will, however, release a list of women’s watches shortly that utilize these same features equally as well.

I. Velcro Strap

Many watches, especially analog models, have small clasps that are difficult to see, let alone fasten. Unless the elderly individual purchases a watch with the same kind of clasp he

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