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Amazon Unveils a Generation of Improved Kindles

Talk about modest, yet impressive, improvements.

Yesterday, Amazon revealed a new generation of Kindle, which happens to be a bit smaller and lighter than past models, which makes it easy to hold and carry around. While the smaller screen might worry some seniors, it is important to realize that you can adjust font size. To alleviate any additional worries, the font on this model has been tweaked and comes off as quite sharp. Additionally, it has a better better screen and a stronger, more reliable WIFI connection. The new Kindles are also equipped with more memory and have double the battery life.

CNET describes the changes best, “Amazon has apparently spent well over a year designing the new model and the resulting product is more evolutionary than revolutionary.” For a product as impressive and reliable as the Kindle, there is no need for a complete design overhaul. A few basic tweaks seem to have done the trick.

The prices are quite reasonable: the model with both WI-FI and 3G wireless is $189, while the WIFI only Kindle is $139. The new Kindles will ship starting August 27th; we can’t wait to test out the product. Keep a look out for our the official ElderGadget review.

Amazon unveils new generation of Kindles – (CNET)

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