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Amazon Now Sells More Kindle eBooks than Paperbacks

The ebook revolution is officially upon us. Amazon recently announced that Kindle ebooks outsold paperback books during the fourth quarter of 2010. Kindle ebooks had been outselling hardcover books since this past July.

Amazon says that, in 2010, for every 100 paperbacks it sold, 115 Kindle ebooks were sold. The CEO also noted that Amazon sold three times as many Kindle ebooks as hardcover books last year. What’s even more interesting about these figures is that Amazon did not count free ebooks among its Kindle “sales.”

We for one, couldn’t be happier with this news. We haven’t picked up a paperback book since unwrapping our Kindle DX this past May and, in fact, we just purchased another ebook through the iPad’s Kindle app about an hour ago. Okay, we admit it, we’re hooked!

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