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Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

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If you’ve ever wanted to have a computer similar to HAL 9000 from Stanley Kubrick’s epic 2001: A Space Odyssey, you are in luck. The new Amazon Echo is a small, black cylinder with a microphone and speaker that allows you to ask questions and get answers about almost anything. If you’re often away from your computer and working around the house, or if you want to know the weather or any other information without needing a computer screen to read it, you may like the Echo. You can be anywhere in the room, the 7 built-in microphones are great at understanding you and the response will be loud and clear. It’s also a great help for anyone with sight difficulties. You can even have Echo tell you a joke or a story.

It also works as a streaming device for content, though it isn’t the greatest for music. It’s optimized for voice.

It is now getting integration with things like Samsung’s SmartThings and WeMo and Wink, which also means you’ll soon be able to control things in your home, like turning on lights or fans just by voice commands.

It has to be plugged into a wall outlet, there are no battery options so it isn’t completely portable. It also needs to be connected to your wifi. You can find it on for $179

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