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There are a litany of reasons why we like the Kindle and its many iterations of the Kindle app. There aren’t many complaints we have with this device, except for one, which seems to be common among many Kindle enthusiasts.

That complaint is page numbers. The ebooks that display on tablets, smartphones and the Kindle ereader do not include page numbers. Instead, your place within a book is marked by a “Location,” which makes no sense.

For example, I currently reside at Location 1918-1930 in The Survivor’s Club. I love that  Kindle app for iPad tells me that I’m 37 percent finished with the book but just what, exactly, does 1918-1930 mean? What if I were part of a book club and wanted to discuss a certain passage? What if I were taking a class and told to turn to Page 58?

Page numbers were clearly invented for a reason, and we’re glad Amazon is now recognizing that. Officials recently announced on Kindle’s official blog that real page numbers are being integrated into its ebooks. These numbers will match the paper books exactly, making the transition from paperback to ebook a seamless one.

Amazon officials note that “real page numbers” have already been added to the Kindle’s top 100 best-selling books, as well as “thousands more of the most popular books.” This feature is only available on Kindle 3G devices right now, but updates for Kindle apps should become available in the coming months.

There were other features touted on the Kindle blog as well.  Public Notes will allow users to see and share book notes and highlights with others. Before You Go is will activate at the end of a book, letting you rate it, share your thoughts via social media and receive personalized recommendations.

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