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Amazon’s Kindle Quadruples Its Sales from Last Black Friday

Amazon announced today that the Kindle has quadrupled its sales numbers on this Black Friday as compared to last year’s. Unfortunately, Amazon won’t say what its exact figures were, which is not uncommon in the ultra-competitive e-reader and tablet markets.

The LA Times noted that Barnes & Noble also refuses to share its Nook sales figures, though it is quick to remind people that the Nook Color is Android’s best-selling tablet. One company who was happy to share its figures  was Apple. While Black Friday numbers weren’t yet available, the company did reveal it had sold 11.1 million iPads last quarter, a 166 percent increase over last year.

Seeing such record-breaking numbers is great for all three companies. However, we’re wondering whether these figures have increased because the products are in such high demand or because consumer spending has returned to a more healthy level.


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