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Cell Phone Specifically Designed for Elderly Debuts in Japan

Japan has the oldest population in the first world. As such, billions of dollars are spent trying to care for, cater to and catch the attention of this senior population. So Kyocera created a cell phone with exactly this in mind.

No, they’re not the first manufacturer to do this (see: Jitterbug), but the new Mi-Look is definitely worth a second glance. The Mi-Look combines a cell phone, pedometer and emergency alarm in one.

The design is extremely senior-friendly. It boasts three large, colorful buttons that correspond to each of these three functions. The display text and icons are also quite large.

The pedometer function is especially neat, as Mi-Look can record how many steps a senior takes and then email this data to the individual’s caretakers. There is also a GPS feature built into this function, so caretakers can locate and monitor their loved ones quickly and easily.

The Mi-Look’s pedometer can even work when the phone is in its charging cradle. There’s a built-in sensor that can still track how many times the person passes by the cradle.

The senior-friendly cell phone also comes with an emergency alarm that can be activated by pulling an attached strap. An alarm will sound, and an email notification will be sent to the caretaker.

Apparently the phone also comes equipped with an “early earthquake warning,” though we’re not quite sure what that means (a text message from the Japanese equivalent of the Emergency Broadcast System, perhaps?). It also has shortcuts to all the major emergency services for easy access in a time of crisis.

The water-proof Mi-Look will be available in Japan for about $225 this September.

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