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Affordable eldergadget Luggage

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Luggage can be fickle when it comes to price. Do you choose yours based on price point and hope against hope that a zipper won’t slip, the fabric won’t rip and a wheel won’t fall off. Or do you bight the bullet and invest in a high-quality luggage set, knowing that you’ve spent the equivalent of a short vacation on a device that only stores clothes?

You don’t have to do either if you choose luggage based on which features are important to you and which brands can offer them at a reasonable price. Obviously, not every feature is created equal, which means that price point can vary drastically based on your priority list.

Multiple Handles

Traveler’s Choice Rio 2-Piece Lightweight Carry-On Luggage Set; $60.95

At seven pounds and 21 inches tall, this bag is a great size. This is further emphasized by its strategically placed handles, which provide ample support based on its size and weight. It

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