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About provides reviews and news about highly rated consumer electronics. By highlighting senior-friendly features, ElderGadget informs and inspires, creating a synergy between the product’s technology and user.

ElderGadget Team

Elie Gindi – Founder

Elie Gindi, a baby boomer soon to turn senior, has an absolute addiction for gadgets. As founder and owner of, Gindi has created a website that offers news and reviews about products with elder friendly features. He is an expert at understanding what features seniors want and need in products — simple uncomplicated gadgets and products, which are lighter and specially designed with higher contrast, or pre-programmed features. Gindi created so that anyone who is a senior or has an aging loved one can find the latest gadgets that meet a seniors needs.

ElderGadget founder, Elie Gindi

Gindi became interested in and studied many of the principles of ergonomics, which apply to the elderly, when his father took ill and his mother wanted to make their home safer and easier to navigate. Understanding the needs of the elderly has been the focus of Gindi’s career for over 20 years. He has been an owner and or manager of several assisted living communities, designing activity programs, including the senior experience project, and overseeing the remodeling of retirement homes.

Before his career turned to the care of the elderly, Gindi practiced law for several years, became COO of Federal Transistor, and then worked in Real Estate Management. He earned an MBA from UCLA and JD from Southwestern Law.

He has since founded several other companies including Eticket Media LLC and  He is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts at the USC Davis School of Gerontology and working on projects involving creativity and aging (Zekenim,) a home modification app, a technology “playground,” a Summer School abroad program in Israel on the “Psychology of Aging” for USC Davis  students,  and will be teaching a course in the Gamification of Gerontology in the Spring.  He is also currently being considered for the position of Visiting Scholar at USC Davis.  In addition, Mr. Gindi serves on the USC Davis Board of Counselors.

Born and raised in California, Gindi lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and children and loves the outdoors.



Nellie Day – Senior Editor  (No longer with

Nellie Day is a print, broadcast and online journalist who specializes in technology, commercial real estate, travel and hospitality, and the food and beverage industries. Her work consistently appears in national and regional publications, including DRAFT, Hooters, Flying Adventures, OC Bride, Real Estate Forum, Real Estate Southern California and Tails magazines.

Ms. Day’s work can also be seen online. Her travel writing can regularly be seen on,,,, and Ms. Day also manages the commercial real estate hub for, which is owned by the New York Times.

When she’s not writing, Ms. Day acts as a PR and marketing consultant to some of the top commercial real estate companies in the nation. She has also collaborated on a number of film projects for Expert Village, Multiplicity TV, Memories of Tomorrow and the 24-Hour Film Festival.


Tony Donaldson – Senior Reviews Editor

Tony Donaldson got his start as an athlete, racing BMX then starting his own BMX Freestyle team, touring the Midwest doing shows at fairs, festivals and events, starting his first business when he was only 15. He simultaneously dove deep into computers, learning BASIC programming on an Apple IIc then buying a Texas Instruments 99/4a (You know, the one with 16k of RAM, a cassette tape drive and a 1 MHz processor…).

His love of technology grew and merged with another new passion, photography. His first mentor, Seth Perlman, was (and still is) a photographer for the Associated Press. Tony started as a stringer, then started shooting his first love, BMX. Hired by a BMX magazine, he moved to sunny Southern California to work as a photographer and editor. His photography and technology skills grew rapidly.

In high demand for his knowledge of the business, creative and technical sides of photography, he’s written product and software reviews, editorial columns, consults with photography and aerospace companies, and lectures at conventions around the country on photography. You can find the two books he’s written, both on BMX, at Borders and He’s currently working on another book or two as well as being Reviews Editor of and a founding member of

Tony’s photography clients include magazines like ESPN, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Millimeter, Golf, the New York Times, and advertising clients including Buick, Activision, Maxxis Tire, Tioga Tires, Oakley, Lee Jeans and others.

He is based in Los Angeles, California.


Lon Levin – Cartoonist (No longer with

Lon Levin is an award-winning designer, art director, illustrator, writer and photographer. In over twenty years in the entertainment industry, Lon won more than forty awards for creative advertising campaigns, illustrations and design work including seven Gold and Silver Promax awards for excellence in TV advertising

He worked for Sony, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox and Saban Entertainment. In addition he has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business Michael Douglas, Robert Zemeckis, Barry Diller, Tom Hanks, Gene Hackman.  Lon is no longer with