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Blast from the Past: the Edison Phonograph

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Legend has it that on Dec. 4, 1877, Thomas Edison was the first person to record and play back the human voice. One theory is that Edison might not have been the very first person to do this, and that it was most likely his two assistants, Charles Batchelor and John Kruesi, who had the first honors.

Today’s youngsters know little to nothing about vinyl records, which were a popular music listening device for many of us during our youths. In fact, many of them don’t even listen to music on compact disks (CDs) anymore. Today it’s all about MP3 players like the iPod, so in a throwback to simpler times ElderGadget found this terrific picture of Edison’s phonograph on a website called Video Interchange. They also offer transfer services for a vast array of both “ancient” and recent audio formats, which allows users to transfer music, for example, from 78 rpm records to CDs.

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