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iPhone Apps for Seniors: Proactive Sleep

Sad to say but truth be told, many seniors find it difficult to achieve satisfactory sleeps. Seniors are generally sensitive to environmental factors and tend to wake up easily due to excess noises and unexpected lights. Yet, the new iPhone app Proactive Sleep 2.0, can help an aging adult have a suitable night’s rest.

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Elder Friendly Features: Remote Program Settings

Remote program settings involve customizing an electronic device from a distant location. The most obvious example involves controlling your TiVo preferences from a Blackberry or iPhone. In other words, you can set the recording schedule from pretty much anywhere and then watch the program whenever you get around to it. Remote program settings are personalized…

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Elder Friendly Features: Automatic Settings

When it comes to purchasing the right electronics and gadgets for older adults, it is important to pay attention to senior friendly features. While we frequently associate senior friendly features with comfort and ergonomic designs, it is also crucial to look for devices with automatic settings.

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Expensive, Inexpensive Men’s Analog Watches

Last month we outlined a few analog watch features that may make them easier for seniors to use. We’re now following that post up with a few more watches that exemplify these features, but at different price points in the hopes that most seniors will be able to find what they’re looking for within their…

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The Perfect Gadgets (if ElderGadget Ran the World)

At ElderGadget, we usually review existing products to dissect and highlight their elder-friendly features. For example, is the new Sony television set too glossy for sensitive eyes? Are the buttons on an alarm clock large enough to read? But we’re taking a different approach in this post. We’re feeling a tad playful, loony, and a bit more creative than usual. So instead of…

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Control Your Living Room with a Wave of Your Hand

It all started in 1985 with the Clapper, that little device that allowed homeowners to turn their lights on or off with a clap of their hands. While the Clapper didn’t significantly change the way consumers controlled electronics, it did allow the elderly to easily control their lights, television and other appliances without having to get…

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