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Gadgets for Seniors and Their Pets

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While ElderGadget typically focuses on the latest devices that can greatly improve the lives of many seniors, we haven’t yet discussed gadgets can benefit both seniors and their beloved pets.

It’s easy to overlook the fact that no matter how much technology can benefit our world, its ability to combat loneliness can only go so far. That’s where pets come in. For many people, the interactions they have with their dogs or cats will be the only contact they have on a consistent basis.  This is why it’s so important to ensure that people are able to care for their pets well into their golden years. Who knows, after discovering the value to some of these gadgets a few folks, who were otherwise pet-less, may even gain the confidence to bring one of these love-filled companions into their homes.

Jog a Dog

The Jog a Dog is basically a miniature treadmill for dogs. Many dogs don’t receive enough daily exercise, causing them to become restless, destructive, overweight and listless. While a daily two-mile jog may be out of the question for many people with lively pets, a doggy treadmill that takes up little space and provides hours of exercise can be ideal.

GoDogGo Automatic Fetch Machine
For those times when you can get to the great outdoors with your pet, playtime will be much more fun with GoDogGo. This machine automatically throws the tennis ball for your dog to fetch, preventing the wear and tear and fatigue that manually throwing the tennis ball can bring. With a little practice, this machine, which is controlled by an easy-to-operate remote control, can really transform the way you and your dog play outside. You can set GoDogGo to throw one tennis ball every seven to 15 seconds, or it can simply release one ball, allowing your dog to fetch it and bring it back to you before you release another ball.

Smart Pet Doorbell
Everyone’s experienced the frustrations of waiting for a dog to do its business and come back inside. Sometimes they’ll act as if they want to come in, just to run back into the yard as soon as you’ve reached the door handle. Other times they’ll act like they have to go to the bathroom, only to stare at you blankly once you try to usher them outside. These frustrations can be a thing of the past with the Smart Pet Doorbell. This device contains a SmartKey that attaches to the dog’s collar and a mounted unit that can be secured on a wall, door or even window. Once the unit senses that the dog is waiting by the door – either to go out or come in – it emits a beeping alert. Now you no longer have to keep checking to see whether Fido needs a bathroom break.

RoamEO GPS Pet Location System
We all know the wonders that the GPS-enabled devices can have in our cars or shoes, but what about our pets? Unlike traditional microchips that are inserted under the dog’s or cat’s skin, this pet location system comes in the form of a collar that tracks your pet’s location throughout your home and yard. Its location is displayed on a 3.5-inch color screen, eliminating the need for you to go room by room checking under beds and behind crawl spaces for your furry friend. The device can track up to three dogs at once, and even allows you to activate an alarm that will sound if your pet wanders further than your pre-set parameters. In fact, the system can locate a dog up to three miles away.

Pet Hair Pick Up Large Surface Rollers
Pet hair can be a pain to clean up, particularly if your mobility and activity level is already limited. Traditional lint rolls can be effective in picking up fur, but they wear out quickly and are often so minute that you can only clean one small area at a time. That’s why Dr. Foster & Smith created the Pet Hair Pick Up Large Surface Rollers. It’s the size of a small vacuum, and can quickly clean pet hair off of furniture and appliances in one foul swoop. The versatile handle makes it perfect for those who have trouble bending down or cleaning up hard-to-reach places.


As for a roundup of the products we mentioned in this post:

Jog a Dog

– GoDogGo

Smart Pet Doorbell

RoamEO GPS Pet Location System


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