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5 Great Last Minute Tech Gifts under $100 for Grandparents

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This holiday season, many families are on a serious budget crunch, yet still faced with the dilemma of what to buy their Grandparents. Seniors more often than not, have everything they need which often makes them difficult to buy for. Of course, anything made with love will be top of the list, but if you still are left wondering, Elie Gindi and the team have taken the stress away with this excellent list of gift ideas.

The following five suggestions have all been awarded the ElderGadget Seal of Approval, meaning they meet one or all of the components of being: Easy to See. Easy to Hear. Easy to Use. And/Or Easy to Understand. And Cool!

1. Apple TV. From $95 plus downloading charges, if any.

The Only TV With a Built-in Browser. Watch Shows Live or Online! Now with an improved, streamlined interface, Internet radio, Genius and LP support, and a lower price, Apple TV is finally a blockbuster home-entertainment device. Plays iTunes items you already own for free.

For more information on Apple TV, see

2. Creative Labs Vado Pocket Video Camcorder 3rd Generation. From $99

If you’re looking for an inexpensive video camera that still provides you with great quality videos, the Creative Vado Pocket Video Cam is a great option. It has a slim and sleek design with a rechargeable battery. The Vado Pocket Video Cam features a 2-inch screen that weighs 3 ounces and a 2x optical zoom lens.

For more information on the Vado Pocket Video Camcorder, see

3. Samsung YP-S2-ZB 1GB Flash MP3 Player. From $88

The Samsung YP-S2 is an awesome audio player. This audio player is a great alternative for an iPod Shuffle featuring a 1GB flash memory. It’s small and lightweight and easily fits into your pocket and also features earphones for hands-free capability.

For more information on the Samsung YP-S2-ZB, see

4. Motorola MotoROKR S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. From $52

The Motorola MotoROKR S9-HD is a Bluetooth headphone. Its touch sensitive controls provides a 1 touch controllability of your music player. Its rechargeable battery can last up to 6 hours.

For more information on the MotoROKR S9 Headphones, see

5. PowerMat 3x Mat & Powercube – PPM-3P-B1 Wireless Charger. From $93

Powermat Wireless Charging Mats provide a simple, fast and efficient way to keep three of your personal electronic devices fully charged. Just place your device with a Powermat enabled Receiver on the Mat to start charging wirelessly (the Universal Mat allows for iPhone, Blackberry and Droid phones).

For more information on the Powermat Wireless Charger, see

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