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Reduce Falling Risks

Old Falling

When it comes to caring for our elderly, one of the chief concerns is safety. Were you aware the latest findings from the CDC indicate that falls are the leading cause of both non-fatal and fatal injuries in an aging population? The primary cause of senior falls is lower extremity weakness,though there are many other contributing factors, including Dementia, decreased balance and dizziness.

Medications are known to cause side effects, such as vertigo, inner ear problems and confusion, which can increase the likelihood of a fall. When you add environmental factors, such as clutter, slippery floors and uneven walkways, and you begin to understand how difficult it can be to prevent seniors from falling. In an attempt to mitigate some of these risks, Eldergadget presents 5 gadgets that could significantly lower the risk of falls…

1- Many falls occur when a senior is rising from a seated position, but the Giddy Up Stick, a portable sit-to-stand gadget, can steady a senior, cutting down on such accidents.

2- Keeping fit can increase a senior’s strength and balance, thereby reducing the risk of falls. So check out the
Swinger Video Sports, a fun, inexpensive and interactive way for seniors to keep in shape.

3- Studies show that too many falls occur when seniors are simply walking around. A solid walking stick can add further balance and stability to a senior’s gait.

4- Medication issues largely contribute to senior falling. A medication management system can prevent seniors from accidentally mixing or ingesting the wrong medications, cutting down on the number of medication-related slips and falls.

5- When it becomes more difficult for a senior to walk steadily, a good rolling walker with a built-in seat can be just what the doctor ordered. Check out the lightweight Walkabout 8″ Wheel Folding Deluxe Lite Rollator, which is equipped with loop brakes, a padded seat and a basket.


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  1. Giddy-Up Stick June 4, 2009 at 3:12 pm #

    While the Giddy-Up Stick can help reduce falls associated with standing from a seated position, it also doubles as a sturdy, yet light-weight aluminum, walking cane. Great post with great suggestions.

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