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2016 BMW i3 Electric Car

2016 BMW i3 electric car

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BMW has two entries in the all-electric vehicle class. The i3 is somewhat affordable, starting at around US$44,000.

As an all-electric car, it’s rated at up to 127 MPGe, with an estimated 81-mile range. It is unique in that there is an optional gas engine to extend the range to 150 miles.  It’s a 647 cc, 2-cylinder engine that powers a 34hp generator to charge the battery. The 0-60 mph acceleration is a quick 6.5 seconds, and it boasts a top speed of 92 mph. That’s fast enough for a Los Angeles freeway! Interestingly, if you lift your foot from the accelerator, regenerative braking kicks in. It’s strong enough to almost not need the brake pedal at all. For low-speed driving, the i3 emits a sound to alert pedestrians of its approach. That sound is loud outside the car, but barely discernible inside.

The car is made of aluminum and carbon fiber, keeping the weight of the 5-door car to a curb weight of just 3135 lbs. Add 300 lbs for the model with the range-extending engine.

The electric version starts at $44,000 and the hybrid adds an extra $4,000 to the price.

The i3’s supercar big brother, the i8, boasts a 15-mile range on battery only, but paired with its turbocharged 3-cylinder engine, it produces 357 hp and can go 155 mph. The price of the i8 starts at $100,000 MORE than the i3.

BMW i8

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