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2010 Trends for Facebook, Google and Twitter

The year 2010 is coming to a close, which means the end-of -year retrospectives will be all over the place in the coming weeks. As technology and social media become more and more prevalent in everyday life, these retrospectives now include popular terms that were trending on sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter.

A quick look back at the most popular news items on these sites highlights how each one is utilized differently. Something worth noting is that the top 10 trends for all three sites have some carry over. For example, teen pop sensation Justin Bieber was one of the most popular keywords on Facebook, Twitter and Google.

The iPad is another item that saw across-the-board popularity, becoming the fifth most popular term on Google and Facebook, and the sixth on Twitter.

While certain subjects, such as gadgets or celebrities, were fairly similar across all three platforms, there were several stark differences between the news items that trended on these sites. Twitter was most likely to trend hard news items, such as the Gulf oil spill, the World Cup, and the Haiti earthquake. Google trended toward entertainment, with topics including singer Katy Perry and hip hop artist Nicki Minaj – both of which are popular with the younger crowds. Facebook’s top trends looked like a blend between Google’s entertainment pieces and Twitter’s hard news.

These retrospective look-backs are always fun, but savvy seniors can actually use this information to their advantage in 2011. Instead of combing waiting for the news to come to them, seniors can utilize their own social media networks and Google to find news items based on topic.


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