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10 Great Gadgets Help Elderly with Low Vision


It is important to provide seniors with both a sense of independence and a high quality of life. For those challenged with low vision, life inevitably presents a fair share of challenges. To address these concerns ElderGadget has compiled a list of devices that we feel would be beneficial to those with vision difficulties.

1- Wenger Braille Watch


1- Wenger Braille Watch


The Wenger Braille Watch features three types of raised markers for the blind and visually impaired.

2- Hands-Free Magnifying Screen


Mounted on a sturdy, non-tip base, the Hands-Free Magnifying Screenrotates 360 degrees for just the angle you need.

3- ZoomText Low Vision Software


Give your eyes a rest while ZoomText reads your documents, web pages and e-mails – right through your computer’s speakers. With ZoomText, your computer is easier to see, hear and use.


4-Optelec Visual Aids

Optelec is responsible for some of the most advanced visual aids on the market today. The products are so easy to use that they have quickly become fixtures in libraries, senior living communities, private homes and the workplace.

5- ZoomText High Contrast Keyboard


The new ZoomText High Contrast Keyboard makes typing faster and easier than ever before. Each key and button contains a label that is easy to see even in low light. The labels feature 36-point text and a choice of high-contrast color schemes.

6- SmartView Pocket
The SmartView Pocket is a lightweight, compact handheld video magnifier that assists seniors when things are too small to read properly. Supporting up to 9x magnification, and containing powerful features found in products twice its size, the SmartView Pocket is still small enough to easily fit in your pocket or handbag.



Powered by household current, the Thermo-Pen is an instrument designed to create a raised image directly on FLEXI-PAPER. It has a heated tip that, when moved slowly across the paper, creates tactile lines, words or symbols.

8-Daylight Deluxe Magnifying Lamp


The Daylight Deluxe Magnifying Lamp has the widest 7.5″ glass lens so that allows seniors to see clearly. This product provides two separate and powerful 13w low heat tubes with individual switches for total lighting control.

9-Glasses USA


What is the greatest gadget that assists seniors with failing eyesight? The answer, naturally, is eyewear. The Abe brand from Glasses USAis particularly practical and durable for seniors.

10-Talking Watches


Talking Watches are very simple yet effective ideas for the visually impaired. If you are having trouble reading the numbers on the watch, the watch will read the time to you with the push of a button. Available in both analog in digital.

For a more general overview of vision impairment, check out this informative video.

And for your convenience, here is a list of the products mentioned above:

Wenger Braille Watch
Hands Free Magnifying Screen
ZoomText Software
Optelec Products
ZoomText High Contrast Keyboard
SmartView Pocket
Deluxe Magnifying Lamp
Glasses USA
Talking Watches



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