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10 Great Gadgets that Help Seniors Help Themselves

When thinking of ways to help our elderly loved ones, perhaps the most important thing we can do is figure out the most effective way that helps seniors help themselves. Our goal is promoting independence, which leads to improving the quality of life for those we love. On that note, we compiled a list of the top ten list of gadgets that can help us achieve this goal.

1- New Hearing Products From Oticon


Oticon has released a new set of hearing products, including two new lines of hearing aids and a wireless system that connects to your music, your television, or your phone with ease. The ConnectLine wireless system features Bluetooth connectivity to send digital audio straight to the hearing aids, be it coming from a television or a phone plugged into the transmitter box.

2- Kindle: Amazon’s Wireless Reading Device 2

The new Kindle is created with electronic paper technology to eliminate eyestrain and has the ability to increase the text size for those who can no longer read small print. The light-weight product is equipped with simple buttons on its side for page turning, which makes it easy to hold and navigate. It’s also perfect for reading outside and indoors.

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