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“Sunbelievable” Energy Producing Paint

Sunbelievable Energy Producing Paint for seniors

Sunbelievable Energy Producing Paint for seniorsUniversity of Notre Dame scientists have announced the unbelievable: they have created paint that can convert the sun’s rays into usable electricity. The paint is dubbed “Sunbelievable” by developers, who hope that their project will one day change America’s energy landscape. Developers explain the complicated technology that creates the surprisingly simple product,

“By incorporating power-producing nanoparticles, called quantum dots, into a spreadable compound, we’ve made a one-coat solar paint that can be applied to any conductive surface without special equipment.”

However, there is still some room for (s)unbelievers. While most commercial solar panels have a light-to-energy conversion efficiency of 10 to 15 percent the paint is still only at 1 percent. While the paint can be produced cheaply, its inefficiency is a hindrance to its widespread availability and use. Yet, developers are hopeful that with some improvements to the paint’s conversion efficiency solar paint will make “a real difference in meeting energy needs in the future.”

Now let’s just hope that yellow isn’t the only color it will come in…


You can read the full Science Daily article here.

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