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‘The Office’ Becomes New Rendition of ‘Counter Strike’

Counter Strike is a first-person shooter game that is popular with the high school and college crowds. The Office is an NBC primetime sitcom that’s popular with the 18 to 49 crowd. While the two don’t share many glaring similarities, one techie decided to turn the Office into a new version of Counter Strike.

Instead of running around the desert or an abandoned warehouse, your character makes its way through the halls of Dunder Mifflin’s office building. TechCrunch noted that the creator of this hybrid has spent 500 hours watching episodes of the Office to perfect the workspace layout.

As you can see in the video, it’s pretty spot on. The two-minute clip does get a little boring, however, as there’s no one to interact with. You keep thinking Stanley or Kelly is going to pop up at any moment, though from the looks of things that would probably result in a bullet to the chest.

The programmer notes that he started this project in 2009 and is looking for a knowledgeable source to finish it. Any takers?

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