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‘App Economy’ has Created 466,000 Jobs

The “App Economy,” as it’s been dubbed, has created nearly 1.2 million jobs worldwide, according to TechNet. About 466,000 of those jobs were created in the U.S., while remainder went to China.

Most of the U.S.-based jobs reside in California (23.8 percent), with the majority centered around the San Francisco/Silicon Valley region (14.8 percent). New York is the next biggest hub, housing 6.9 percent of these positions.

This app market includes everything from tablet and smartphone makers to operating system providers and the app vendors themselves. Naturally, some of the biggest companies that can take credit for this App Economy include Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Google and Facebook.

Our gut tells us this movement is just getting started. Who knows how many more app-centric jobs will be created in 2012 and beyond.

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